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Rugg's advice and comments have appeared in such diverse publications as USA Today, Rolling Stone, College Bound, The Boston Globe, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, New Jersey Monthly, The Washington Post, College Mapper, Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine, and Business Week.

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"I am a College Planning Advisor in Lake County, Florida and have used Rugg's Recommendations for over 10 years now. I have used it successfully in the Madison, WI area, Denton, TX area and now central Florida. By using the Tier 1 & Tier 2 recommendations for majors coupled with the average ACT and/or SAT scores at specific colleges and universities that Fred also includes and then adding information from some other data bases that I have, approximately 75% of my students who desired to go to private schools (as opposed to their respective state universities) have gone for less than or equal to the prices of those state universities. So, in essence, Rugg's Recommendations has played a huge part in parent's savings many thousands of dollars on their college costs." ~C.B. Russell, Lake County, Florida


"Rugg's is the CONSUMER REPORTS of appraising college programs. Please stay in the business as you make me look a lot smarter than I am." ~Gary Himes, Long-time Guidance Counselor, Cleveland, Ohio Area High School

"Rugg is enduring and indomitable! Congratulations on making a disproportionate contribution to the field of educational consulting. You retain the respect of us all. Well done." ~Alan Haas, College Counselor, New Canaan, CT


"Love Your Stuff" ~ Charlotte Knapp, Director of College Counseling, Regents School of Austin (TX)


"Fred, thank you for 16 great years on the radio with us as our 'college go-to guy.' I only do the program on the colleges if I can have Fred on." ~ Dave Congalton, No. 1 rated talk show on California's Central Coast 22 years running

"Like almost every other counselor in America, we use your book!" ~David Schindel, College Counselor, Sandia Prep School, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Over the last 22 years I have been using Rugg's Recs as a quick, reliable initial reference to evaluate college academic departments at all competitive levels. With the plethora of fine college guides available it is hard to decide what to include in one's library.
This one has proved invaluable as a first step for me. As an independent counselor to students around the country I have noticed that most high school guidance offices have this handy guide. It is particularly helpful once the student has an academic concentration in mind.
Even esoteric majors like Music Therapy, Health Services Administration, Arabic, Entomology and Forensic Sciences are ranked by college. At first I was not sure if the colleges were just listed because they were simply courses offered in the college catalog.
No, they are chosen to be included because Rugg has implemented a comprehensive system of researching that combines statistical analysis with direct communication with hundreds of counselors and teachers around the country. He is able to sift and sort the objective with the subjective. Colleges are always evolving from year to year, department to department. It is a Herculean task to measure the strength of an academic department every year since faculty moves on. But Rugg seems to fairly well identify the dedicated and involved faculty that works hard to provide a substantive level of education and training to students pursuing degrees in those disciplines..."
~ Eric Goodhart, College Counselor, Programs for Education, Lunenburg, MA

"Fred Rugg has been everywhere that matters to the college selection process." ~ College Bound, Evanston, IL


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