Seminar Leader: Frederick E. Rugg has traveled down more paths and paid more dues than any other college guidebook author. He is a nationally known speaker on college admissions, and has been asked to speak on the college admissions process all over the world. Unlike virtually all other college guidebook people, Rugg is one of the true professionals, having directed secondary college counseling programs for 20 years in all types of communities. A 1967 Applied Math graduate of Brown University, Rugg is the holder of advanced degrees in secondary school guidance and administration. Early in his career he was employed as a research statistician for two New England companies. He worked his way through Ivy League Brown, and was the only member of his class to enter public school teaching. Offering dozens of workshops yearly from coast to coast, Fred is an often animated, charismatic and humorous speaker, and is the only one giving monthly seminars who draws a crowd. He has lived and worked just about everywhere in America, has been married over 40 years, and has two daughters. Rugg is also a volunteer in his town, and has been since his days at Brown, and hes taught courses at four colleges. A native of New England, he has been based in Colorado and Florida, and now resides in California. As always, he is totally independent of the colleges.